Employer Branding is a big subject. It can be hard to find a way into it. It doesn’t help that it means different things to different employers – and the many types of professionals who manage talent. They each have specific recruitment and engagement challenges.

All of these factors can combine to make Employer Branding feel intimidating. Not knowing where to start is the first major obstacle. Thinking that it has to be perfect is the next.

We know from experience that the best place to start is where you are, using what you have, finding your way and perfecting as you go along.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. But there are some fundamentals that you need to put in place to ensure your work has firm foundations – like your Employer Value Proposition framework. But this needn’t make you feel uncomfortable. You can do this!

Our approach is to break down Employer Branding into language you can easily understand and concepts that are relevant. We’ve done that with our Courses and Resources and now we’re hosting  a LIVE FREE Webinar to show you just how you can get started with your Employer Brand.

10 Steps:  Start Building Your Employer Brand without feeling overwhelmed 

Wednesday 7th April 2021 @ 1pm  

 If you haven’t already, you can register here.

 In just one hour we’ll cover a lot, answering your questions and giving you actionable ideas to kickstart your Employer Branding project:

How to define and set your objectives

  • How to encourage support and collaboration across departments
  • Why researching your marketplace is important
  • How to audit your reputation and brand assets
  • How to create a plan and a budget
  • How to understand your audience
  • How to tell your story and define your EVP.
  • How to build your team

We look forward to seeing you there and helping you to get started.

Why Employer Branding Made Easy?

We’re glad to say that not only is Employer Branding becoming more accessible, affordable and easy to execute, but that we’re playing our part in making it so: transforming our 20+ years’ experience of working with and for big brands into courses and resources you can easily use to define your EVP and build an Employer Brand that delivers results. 

We’re happy to share knowledge – you’ll find lots of hints and tips, videos and industry insight on our LinkedIn company page – because we know that getting the right people in the right place is better for both employees and employers.


We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have – get in touch or find us on LinkedIn:

David Thompson

Sara Hockenhull