If you’re like many of the HR and recruitment teams I’ve worked with, you’ll have a view of Employer Branding that goes something like this…

It’s about being seen as an Employer of choice, it helps us compete for hard to find talent. It’s not something that we think about all the time, when we do it’s usually as an aid to recruitment.

Yes, but it can and does have a much bigger role to play, especially now.

The impact that Employer Branding is making has evolved at rapid speed through the COVID crisis.

So how does that help you, as a recruiter?

It improves recruitment – but it reaches a lot further than that into areas like retention, employee engagement, even your customer’s perceptions of your business. Some candidates can be a cautious bunch, even in challenging times like this.

A positive Employer Brand adds the extra confidence they’ll need to consider a move.

Some of your employees have perhaps realised that their horizons are now broader than they’ve ever been – and they don’t even need to relocate.

Your Employer Brand plays a big role in their retention.

What’s more, many employees are struggling to recognise the organisations they still work for, haven’t seen colleagues for months and have lost track of the values and sense of purpose that attracted them in the first place.

Your Employer Brand has the potential to re-engage them.

That’s why were now seeing Employer Branding becoming highly influential in 3 critical areas:

No.1 – It keeps employees happy, engaged and they stay with you

Our remote-based lockdown lives have loosened the binds that tie us to our employers. We’ve lost the physicality that being in an office provides, meaning we can now work for anyone. Equally, we are no longer so restrained by physical location, so our horizons can broaden.

So what does this mean?

Your employees and candidates now have more choice and less commitment. This will lead to more attrition and reduced engagement.

Good Employer Branding helps to re-establish those bonds with employees by reminding them of why they work for a great business – it strengthens the emotional bond by highlighting the purpose and significance of the employee, making them feel more committed and engaged.

But don’t just take our word for it…

LinkedIn found that investing in an Employer Brand can reduce turnover by 28%.

No.2 – It’s good for your reputation as an employer – and customers notice too

We’ve seen a raft of good and bad employer stories in the press. Unfortunately, for employers, it’s the bad ones that candidates remember most.

We’re not going to mention any names but some really haven’t covered themselves in glory – and customers have noticed too.

Employer reputation is becoming increasingly critical not just to talent audiences, but to customers, stakeholders and shareholders too.

Companies are increasingly becoming defined by their Employer Brands as much as their products and services.

Employer Branding is becoming increasingly business critical.

There is a real cost benefit to the value a positive Employer Brand brings to an organisation’s reputation as an employer.

Here’s another stat for you. CareerArc found that 62% of consumers would stop buying from an organisation which treats its employees poorly.

No.3 – It remains a great way to attract new candidates

Although there are more candidates on the market, they aren’t evenly distributed. So it may be easier to hire in Hospitality and Retail, but in industries such as Pharma, FinTec, Tech development and Engineering, it’s more difficult than it’s ever been.

This is because candidates are more nervous about moving and tend to sit tight. But they won’t forever.

Strong Employer Branding helps to re-assure them that they’re safe to make the move without risking their livelihoods.

LinkedIn have done the research on this – they found that 75% of jobseekers consider the employer brand before they’ll apply for a role.

In summary

COVID has changed so much around how we work and our relationships with our employees, future talent audiences, customers and shareholders.

Employer Branding has developed into something far more holistic with touchpoints that go way further than the recruitment stage right across the employee lifecycle.

As values have changed during the pandemic, many employees are questioning their employer’s sense of purpose. The Employer Brand gives them reasons to re-engage.

I would therefore argue that Employer Branding is now a skill set that every HR team needs to have, its impact makes it too important not to.

Want to improve your Employer Branding skills?

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