They all have Great Employer Brands.

Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in UK 2021 Revealed: Salesforce Wins #1



We checked. And yes they’re all big businesses with the budgets to match. But spending money isn’t what makes them stand out.

Telling their story in an authentic way that resonates with both their people and potential hires is what the best Employer Brands are all about.

We break down that approach to storytelling – it’s something we can help you with too!


  1. Salesforce

Replacing Google at the top, Salesforce sets the tone on its UK career site by championing its people with culture-centric blogs, thanking them for making them what they are and investing in CSR and giving back.


  1. Microsoft

Globally, Microsoft offer the opportunity to ‘Do what you love. Create the future you want.’ That is much more aspirational than it is ambitious. Employee stories are at the heart of the careers site, and even when the company eventually answers the ‘Who We Are’ question, it’s not about them as a big corporate entity: it’s people stories under the headings of inclusion, community, innovation and growth.


  1. Abcam

This Cambridge-based life sciences company are anything but ‘sciency’. Featuring in the Top Ten for the second year in a row, their easy, human approach to what they do makes them accessible and talkable-to. That’s attractive to both scientists (who have complicated enough work to do!) and lesser-academically endowed professionals. The message? There’s no snobbery about the science and everyone plays a vital role.


  1. Google

Everybody wants to work for Google! Often cited as a master of Employer Branding and featuring in the ‘Best Employer of the Year’ lists for 10+ years, Google are clear on their purpose and communicate their culture clearly. They look and feel collaborative and have a strong sense of community.


  1. Softcat

This billion-pound, UK grown technology giant positions themselves firmly in family territory. Again, their story is one of helping customers by putting their people first and balancing personal achievement with team success.


  1. GTB

GTB go beyond looking for talent to seek ‘creative soulmates’. That’s both a challenge to new hires and a compliment to their people. And they champion their unique culture as an asset, celebrating real people and valuing diversity.


  1. Apple

‘Join Us. Be You.’ is the Apple promise to its people, negotiating the fine line between individuality and teamwork that can get lost in a big corporate. As with everything Apple, everything is clean and clear, which communicates confidence in an understated way.


  1. Bella Italia

The Italian famiglia you never knew you had, Bella Italia takes a simple approach to communicating its careers offering. Getting straight into the opportunities and benefits, their people feature heavily across the careers site and copy is light and purposeful.


  1. SAP

Promising that ‘anything is possible’ SAP again tell a story with people at its heart. And they tell it with purpose, drawing a direct line from what people do there to the impact they can have on the world and driving the kind of innovation that improves people’s lives.


  1. Facebook

Facebook offers the opportunity to ‘Do the Most Meaningful Work of Your Career’ and they clearly deliver! Their Employer Brand is the embodiment of their purpose – putting people at the heart of every connection they build. They champion their culture, diversity and the fact that while they have achieved a lot, they’re still ambitious for more.


If you’d like to know more about how to tell your story of being a great employer we can help with that.