We work with small to medium sized businesses a lot – giving advice and guiding EVP and Employer Brand development.

That’s because our advice and services are flexible and cost-effective: you get only and exactly what you need, when you need it, and nothing you don’t!

So we know what you’re up against when it comes to attraction and recruitment.

We also know what works and what doesn’t. If you’re struggling for talent, it may be that your careers pages aren’t up to scratch…

You might be mainly listing jobs or – even worse – just have an email address to contact for candidates to ask for more info.

This can leave a really bad impression. We understand you might not have the time for resources to do much more. But candidates can see this as at best lazy and, at worst, arrogant. It can smack of ‘you need us more than we need you’.

So you can see why people may not be entirely enthusiastic about applying…   

In an ideal world, you’d have a clearly articulated EVP and, from that, have built a well-crafted Employer Brand. 

That can take time and money – but not as much as you might think – and it’s a hugely worthwhile exercise.

In the meantime, if you’re after a few quick fixes to raise your game (and sow the seeds for your EVP and Employer Brand too), these are the things we recommend…

Work your way through the list or pick one or two to action at a time – it’s all helpful stuff!

Get clear on your vision

Write a paragraph or two on what you do, why you do it and why it’s important. Sharing your purpose gives candidates a reason to identify with you. Don’t just explain what the business does. Talk about how it benefits others, what it enables them to do. Talk about the passion of your people. Use emotive language. Speak from the heart.

Provide a clear Give/Get statement

The essence of a good EVP (if you can bring this, this and this, then we can give you this, this and this), this can be a short statement that sums up your offer in the most authentic way and in your tone of voice.  

Ask Your Line Managers for Input

They’re best placed to understand their work area, the team and the culture. Use this to write a few paragraphs that sum this up in a way that would appeal to like minds. Quote them if possible – it gives the whole piece more authenticity.

Use Real Life Imagery

Stock shots may look slick but they’re never authentic. Take some pictures of your team using a decent camera in their working environment if possible.

Use Icons and Graphics

If you don’t want to use photography, break up text with icons and graphics. You can download these for free and they’ll give your page more weight, creativity and value.

Add People Profiles

Get quotes, pics and short bios from trusted staff and feature these on your careers’ pages. They give potential candidates a valuable insight into the business and the kind of people they’ll be working with.


If you think your careers pages need more work or you’re ready to embark on an EVP/Employer Branding project to really transform your attraction and recruitment, ask us how we can help!