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Recruitment and Retention, simplified

Are your businesses’ recruitment costs and challenges causing nightmares and headaches? Our Employer Branding courses can help.

Massively reducing your recruitment costs and staff turnover whilst improving the quality of your hires through a sustainable long term approach is possible.

Let us teach you how. Our Employer Branding courses are really user-friendly and the knowledge is easy to apply.

Who are our employer branding courses for

They are for you if you want to:

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Educate – Fast

You don’t have to wade through hundreds of articles and opinions – go straight to the good stuff and build your Employer Brand along the way

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Be More Efficient

Everyone can benefit from being more efficient but it’s especially important where there’s a fine balance between recruitment spend and ensuring quality hires

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If you’re not working on behalf of a large corporate or household name but need to compete with them for talent

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Execute, easily

Employer Branding is just one element of your job and you want to get straight to creating an eye-catching campaign

Our employer branding courses cover the entire lifecycle

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  • Scoping & planning
  • EVP Research & Development
  • Creative identity development
  • Branding across candidate touchpoints
  • Media planning and buying
  • Content development
  • Launch & implementation
  • Brand sharing & advocacy
  • Measurement and tracking
  • Strategic planning and futureproofing
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Employer Brand Insight Report

To get to where you want to be in the marketplace, it’s essential to know where you are now.

We make that easy with our new Employer Brand Insight Report.

For an introductory price of just £99 we’ll personally review and assess your Employer Brand against 26 criteria, showing where quick improvements can be made. Or for £249, we'll look at your employer brand and two of your competitors for talent, giving you a comparable overview of your Employer Brand's strength in it's talent marketplace. 

Expert assessment

Our expert assessment of your strengths and weaknesses will be an invaluable first step in shaping your EVP, Employer Brand and supporting your business case.

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£99 - Insight Report - your organisation

£249 - Insight report -  your organisation plus two competitors

Discover how Employer Branding can reduce costs and turnover

Right from the start, this course is designed to give you the fundamentals of effective Employer Branding.

From defining what an Employer Brand is and how it can significantly improve the quality of hire, to helping reduce recruitment costs by up to 43% and turnover by up to 50%.

This course is invaluable to anyone who is responsible for improving recruitment and retention, just starting out or who needs a concise, informative refresher. 

What you'll learn:


  • Why Employer Branding is the most powerful and sustainable approach to recruitment.
  • What the most effective campaigns get right.
  • A clear, 7 step process to success.
  • How to build a strong business case to secure a budget.

This programme includes:

8 Videos 

Scoping Blueprint™

Case studies


Business plan template

ROI supporting statistics

This programme will help you:

  • Understand what Employer Branding is & its benefits
  • Build a compelling business plan
  • Gain funding for your project


£247 - 1 user for 12 months

Find out how you can take your recruitment and retention to the next level

This course is for you whether you’re ready to start creating a compelling Employer Brand or are looking to refresh an exisiting brand.

Practical and streamlined, you’ll easily learn to create an impactful brand that attracts high-quality candidates attuned to your culture and purpose.

Our unique, actionable 7 step process will empower you through videos, quizzes and cheat sheets to complete your Scoping Blueprint™.

What you'll learn:


  • How to create a solid business case to secure a budget
  • Insightful strategies and useful tips across the entire Employer Brand lifecycle
  • Avoid what doesn’t work
  • Bring your employer brand to life – and to work – effectively and efficiently

This program will help you:

  • Gain funding for your project
  • Create an EVP typically within 12 weeks
  • Launch your Employer Brand successfully typically  within 5 months, following our 7 step process
  • Save up to 50% of typical project costs by learning how to manage elements in-house

This programme includes:

5 Hours of videos 

Scoping Blueprint™ 

7 "How to" guides from subject specialists

20 easy to complete templates and resources - everything you'll need to develop your brand

Video case study interviews

7 quizzes

Live Monthly Q&A 

Instant access to all course resources

£997 or two payments of  £549 -  1 user for 12 months

Buy both our courses for £1147, saving £97!


Do you offer extended payment terms?

Yes, you can split the cost of Elevate, our Practitioner course into 2 payments of £549 over 2 months.

Or, alternatively, if you choose to buy both Engage and Elevate together at £1,147 which saves £97, there is an option to pay £337 each month over 4 months.

Is there an exam to take at the end of the course?

No, this is a skills based course where our emphasis is on equipping you with all the necessary skills as quickly and efficiently as possible. There's no formal qualification, but you will be provided with a Certificate of Attendance upon completion of the modules and quizzes.

The main results of the course, when you've completed the course as outlined, will support you in creating an EVP within 12 weeks and delivering an impactful, individual employer brand to market within 20 weeks. 

There are other Employer Branding course providers, particularly focussed on business leaders in large scale corporate organisations that do offer formal qualifications. 

What happens if I’d like extra support after the courses?

We’ve designed the courses to help ensure you’re capable and confident of getting your employer brand into the market but we’re here if you need us! We provide you with case studies that you can refer to and can also help with associated coaching and consultancy services if you'd prefer extra support.

What happens if I have problems with the technology?

The courses are hosted on an established Learning & Development platform called Podia, and are entirely web based. All that you require is a device with internet access and a web browser.

We would be happy to discuss if there are any technical issues using Podia on your behalf, and offer a refund if they cannot be resolved.


Do you offer a 100% money back guarantee?

Your customer satifaction and happiness are paramount to us. Yes, if you've completed your Scoping Blueprint, your Business Case Document, and all the modules in full within 60 days from purchase we will refund your money in full if you're not completely happy and satisfied. 

If I have a team, can I buy multiple licences at a discount?

Yes, we are happy to tailor a package in accordance with your needs and multi-user discounts can be applied. Our details are on the Contact page.

Can I go straight to your Elevate course?

Yes, if you feel that you've got a good understanding of the principles of Employer Branding, you can move straight to Elevate. However, if you are completely new to Employer Branding, we would strongly recommend that you take both courses.

How much time will I need to commit?

We've designed the courses to be quick and concise whilst still provding all the knowledge you need. We anticpate total study time for Engage is around 5  hours, plus the time it takes to complete your Scoping Blueprint™ and Business Case. 

Elevate contains many more videos, templates, expert contributions and quizzes. We anticpate that the study time is around 10 hours. This doesn't include the time needed to research and complete your own templates and Scoping Blueprint™ - these are the documents that will allow you to deliver your own Employer Brand project. 

If you take both courses, you only need to complete one Scoping Blueprint™.

What makes your courses and approach different to others?
  • Our courses;
    • Provide all the templates you need to deliver your own project
    • Are easy to follow and jargon free
    • Take far less time to complete than other online courses
    • Mainly comprise of engaging video content
    • Come with a 100% money-back guarantee
    • Don't require study for exams
    • Are backed by optional Consultancy & Coaching support from our team
  • Our team;
    • Are friendly, approachable and have your best interests at heart
Who are your courses aimed at?

Our courses are designed for Resourcing, HR and Marketing professionals looking to gain Employer Branding skills quickly. Typically, this could people working in smaller companies or for less well-known brands where Employer Branding skills are not in abundance. Or, it could be a newly appointed Employer Brand Manager in a larger company who needs to get up to speed quickly. The courses are also helpful for people working in Recruitment and Employer Marketing agencies who are looking to have more informed conversations with their clients. 

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