Employer Branding Consultancy

Learn. Ask. Be Inspired.

Our Coaching & Consultancy services can help make your Employer Branding project even more efficient, effective, and impactful.

Completing our Engage and Elevate courses will enable you to confidently develop your own Employer Brand. But as every project is different, and can take on a life of its own, having an expert to consult along the way can be invaluable in making your EVP and Employer Brand attractive and authentic, getting you to market as quickly as possible whilst ensuring you avoid expensive pitfalls.

Employer Branding Made Easy - Employer Branding Consultancy meeting
Employer Branding Made Easy - Employer Branding Consultancy meeting

Perhaps even more importantly, and often overlooked, is the value of having a sounding board to sense check your ideas, inspiration to inform those ideas and nuanced help and support specific to you and your project.

You can choose, of course, to appoint an agency or work with freelance consultants – or you can take advantage of our Coaching and Consultancy services. The benefits of working with the Employer Branding Made Easy team are straightforward and clear.

Our advice and services are flexible and so cost-effective: you get only and exactly what you need, when you need it, and nothing you don’t! There’s no upselling or cross selling and you’ll have a dedicated point of contact who understands both your aims and objectives and how best you can achieve them. 

Plus, of course, the team is led and informed by David’s 20+ years’ experience of developing EVPs and employer brands for big businesses such as Capita, Gazprom Energy, The Telegraph, Asda and Moog.

So who better to consult for the expertise and insight essential to continuing your journey?

Our coaching and consultancy services have the Employer Branding Made Easy ethos at heart: we keep everything simple, understandable, practical and easy to implement – essential whether you’re gathering or evaluating research, developing your creative identity and building core assets, or managing your brand’s ongoing evolution.

If you’ve completed our Elevate level course or are an established Employer Brand professional and would like a quotation based on the scale and nature of your project, please get in touch. 

Employer Branding Coaching and Team Workshops

If you have a larger team with a preference for live workshops we can train and upskill your teams through bespoke training workshops – a cost-effective, tailored alternative to online training that brings our seven-step model direct to you to maximise results.

Employer Brand speaking

A seasoned speaker at industry events, David’s expertise and insight demystifies and illuminates the nuances of Employer Branding in a way that is engaging and useful, giving attendees practical, pragmatic advice they can easily put into action, straightaway.

If you are looking for an engaging speaker for your conference or event, get in touch.

employer brand agency

Working with a wide range of associates, we provide Consultative support when and where you need it. But if you are looking for a full-service agency partner to work with, we’d recommend having a chat with the folks over at That Little Agency. We’ve worked with them on many projects. They’re talented, passionate and great to work with.