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We’re on a mission to make EVP and Employer Branding development easy for everyone

With 20+ years of recruitment marketing, EVP and Employer Branding experience we’re confident Employer Branding is the single most powerful investment in your talent acquisition strategy, but it’s sometimes seen as a dark art.

We’re on a mission to level the playing field, removing the mystery to make employer branding skills accessible to everyone regardless of budget, company size and whether their company is a household name. 

Employer Branding Made Easy - EVP focus group
Employer Branding Made Easy - EVP strategy

It’s all about telling your story in a way that is compelling, authentic, standout and attractive.

Do it well and you’ll also save time and money while growing a reputation as an employer of choice.

Our courses help you to get to those results quickly and effectively, avoiding the pitfalls, securing quick wins and fast-tracking success.


Easy to work with. At your service.

Employer Branding Made Easy  - EVP Consultancy team

David Thompson 


With over 20 years’ experience in employer marketing, David has enviable experience of shaping EVP and employer brand strategies for many well-known blue-chip companies including Asda, LV=, The Telegraph, Autoglass and AXA, as well as a number of important government offices and local authorities.

He’s also led some of the most respected employer marketing agencies to financial growth, winning a host of creative awards along the way. 

David is a regular blogger and speaker on all things EVP & Employer Brand. When he’s not doing that, you can usually find him halfway up a Welsh mountain on his bike.

Sara Hockenhull


A specialist Career Consultant & Coach, Sara’s been working in the Career development space for market-leading organisations for over 20 years.

She is driven by bringing together employees and employers that are ideally matched, having helped many hundreds of job applicants as well as businesses to create and promote strong brands. Additionally Sara has created and delivered bespoke learning events online and offline for a wide range of FTSE 100 companies.

Outside work, she loves festivals and countyside walks with a pint of Cider or a G&T at the end!

Employer Branding Made Easy  - EVP Consultancy cat


Chief Keyboard Sitter (no current LinkedIn profile)

A recent addition to the team, the unbelievably handsome Rolo helps out by frequently sitting on our keyboards, providing inspiration and encouraging tea breaks when the team are hard at work.

Our associates


Our small but perfectly formed team also has the benefit of a network of hand-picked Researchers, Specialists and Creatives, who we can flexibly call upon to bring any Employer Branding project to life. 

Employer Branding Made Easy  -  EVP Consultancy
Employer Branding Made Easy  -  EVP Consultancy results

EVP & Employer Branding Made Easy, Effective and Exciting!

We’ve already helped a wide variety of clients, big and small and in every sector, to execute Employer Brands that are not only engaging and effective but in some cases award-winning too!

So much so that David has also been asked to feature on a number of awards panels, judging creative input and overall strategy.

We’ve evolved this industry expertise into useful, instructive and engaging courses that will enable you to compete for talent in the least amount of time and in the most effective way.

Employer Branding Made Easy  -  Gazprom EVP Consultancy client
Employer Branding Made Easy  -  Capita employer brand coaching client
Employer Branding Made Easy  -  Moog EVP Consultancy client
Employer Branding Made Easy  -  Clarks employer brand coaching client
Employer Branding Made Easy  -  Autoglass EVP Consultancy client
Employer Branding Made Easy  -  dstl employer brand coaching client
Employer Branding Made Easy  -  National Trust Consultancy client
Employer Branding Made Easy  -  Asda employer brand coaching client
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Our ethos

We value easy, effective, engaging, exciting

You work hard. We know what that’s like. So we don’t want you to work any harder. We want you to achieve more and enjoy delivering results.

Our courses are not only designed to be informative and instructional. They’re also designed to inspire and excite you. And that’s what makes all of this feel less like work and more like fun.

We live to inspire and engage

Finding the sweet spot between functional and fabulous is what we do best, helping you take the straightforward route to building an employer brand you, your team and the market can get excited about.

We are focused on you what you need to succeed

We’ve taken the time to understand what recruitment, HR and small business owners need to know and distilled that into courses that can be easily understood and implemented by everyone. We also provide valuable support in our monthly Q&A and overseeing our community, while additional services include Coaching and Consultancy.   

Employer Branding Made Easy  -  EVP & Creative Consultancy
Employer Branding Made Easy  -  EVP & Candidate Consultancy

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