When people have purpose, they’re much happier at work. And there are many people who are happy in their work – the work they do for you. But all too often, those stories just aren’t being told enough. Or not well enough.

We see it all the time. Employers can get caught up in obsessing about pay and benefits and perks to attract and retain great people. But this can often attract the wrong people. People who are attracted by the money, but not the business. And quite often, this attitude will lead to rapid disengagement and high staff turnover as mercenaries soon look for the next bigger pay check.  

However, if you identify your purpose – what you do and why you do it – you’ll find this attracts people who have an emotional commitment to your business. Purpose should be at the core of your EVP – which is the foundation of a solid Employer Brand, and the key to more efficient recruitment, enhanced engagement and improved retention.

We’ve recently been working with 3 companies to get to the heart of why people not only want to work with them but also why they stay. Then we consider how we can best tell that story in a way that enhances their reputation as an employer and attracts more good people. The results might surprise you.   

On the surface, you may think that one company sounds far preferable to another purely based on what they do. But as we carried out our research we found all 3 companies had highly motivated and engaged staff. They were all in very different industries with differing circumstances.


But they all had one thing in common. A strong, shared sense of purpose in what they did.


Case Study 1


Working for a business providing end-of-life care is most often perceived as hard, grim work. The employees we spoke to on behalf of our client however where some of the most fulfilled and engaged people we’ve ever interviewed. They felt they were providing a hugely important service to families at one of the most important moments in life. They knew they brought comfort. They felt good about their work and were so passionate about their cause.  Some were front-line, some were behind the scenes. All were passionate, proud and wouldn’t work anywhere else.


It’s a story that wasn’t being told.


Case Study 2


This beloved household appliances brand has a strong reputation in the marketplace. The disconnect was the need to move with the industry and adopt a digital-first approach to Marketing to strengthen customer relationships and compete with brands that were more digitally adept.


Our mission was to protect and grow a great past and present and ensure a thriving future. We found their employees were their greatest brand advocates. People who wanted to protect and champion the business, who were motivated to nurture the brand and wanted to take an active role in seeing the business succeed.


It’s a story that wasn’t being told.


Case Study 3


This engineering business makes control systems for aviation and space. An 85-year-old company, it continues to not only lead the way, it’s essential to many areas of modern life: without them, planes don’t fly, Mars Rovers can’t land, military systems can’t protect, medical devices can’t heal.


But they’re aware the world is moving fast around them. Autonomous aircraft, digital supply chains and 4.0 manufacturing plants are all challenges that they are tackling right now. To keep the business at the leading edge and to maintain their reputation, they need a new breed of talent.


It’s a story that wasn’t being told.


We heard all of these stories from their people but none were evident in any of their Employer Brand content. 


And this is not uncommon. We know that companies are often very good about explaining what they do. They’re just not great at articulating why and how they do it.


Giving people a purpose that feels good – especially in the case of the care home when the job itself may be what some people would describe as hard – is what really motivates employees and captures the imagination of talent. It creates pride and a sense of fulfilment.


People want to be part of something to which they can add value and in which they can achieve.


Telling your story is key to helping people find out if their purpose is to work with you.


So if you have a story to tell but you’re not sure where to start, ask us!


Our Employer Branding Courses and Resources are designed to help anyone working in resourcing, HR, talent acquisition or engagement to refine or evolve their EVP and Employer Brand to tell an authentic, purposeful story that attracts and inspires more of the kind of talent you want to attract and keep.