Having built Employer Brands with and for employers of all sizes and in all sectors, we know that you don’t need a team of professionals and big budgets to tell your story. So stop poring over best-of-the-best lists and get on with getting on!  

When you take a cursory glance at the big Employer Brands (the Googles and the Spotifys), you’d be forgiven for thinking: ‘How can I compete with that?’

But that’s probably not the right benchmark to measure against. You don’t need to be better than Google or Spotify. You just need to tell your own story in a unique, authentic and differentiated way. And do it better than your immediate competitors for talent. And it doesn’t take as much as you think to develop an EVP and Employer Brand that could transform your business in the short and long term.

We’ve been watching as the gap has widened between big corporates who have dedicated teams, big budgets, deep resources and a lot of time to put into their Employer Brands. They reap the cumulative rewards, attracting better talent more easily.

That makes things even more difficult for those not investing in their Employer Brand, or those not doing it in an authentic, compelling way.

It’s a polarising cycle that plays out every day and, if allowed to continue, will only make life (and work) more difficult for small to medium size businesses, affecting their bottom line and their growth potential.

If they had unlimited budgets, 53% of companies would like to invest in employer branding most. (LinkedIn)

So lots of people see the value of Employer Branding but, for whatever reason, it’s been elevated to some kind of specialist dark art that is seen as expensive, overwhelming and intimidating.


“Every company has a story to tell.

The most inspiring stories are most often to be found in smaller companies.

But the expertise to tell the stories is to be found in the bigger companies.

For me it’s simple: if you grow your storytelling skills, you can grow your company.”

David Thompson


It’s all about the doing not the thinking.

You can follow the thought leaders and explore the theory and you can salivate over the big Employer Brands but it can all be counter productive.

Sometimes it just better to focus on yourself. Zone in on what makes you different. What’s great. Then start telling your own stories.




“Dream big, start small, but most of all, start” 

Simon Sinek    



Building an Employer Brand Better

The key word here is building: no Employer Brand was created as a finished entity overnight. Not one. There was work behind the scenes, questions asked, purpose found. And then the building began with exploring creative approaches, the best media channels and platforms, content creation and ongoing evaluation. 

Every – every – good Employer Brand starts with where you are and what you have:

  • Ask your people what’s working and what’s not
  • Identify key themes that encourage people to join and stay
  • Shine a light on these factors by crafting your EVP framework

This research is key to identifying why people want to work with you and why they stay: that’s their purpose. Then you can articulate that purpose to other like minds who are the best fit for your culture. 

And that is the essence of your EVP: the give-get contract that will resonate with the kind of people who want to work with you.

And you’re EVP is the essence of your Employer Brand: the consistent, creative execution of your messaging in a way that gives confidence to, inspires and reassures both your current hires and new talent.

Each element builds one of top of the other and you know you’re doing something right when everything starts to stack up, gathering momentum along the way.


Employer Branding Made Easy is all about the democratisation of Employer Branding, narrowing the gap between corporates who have been leveraging the benefits for many years to gain a competitive advantage, and those small to medium size businesses who are held back by talent challenges.

We’ve taken our considerable experience of working with big business to develop Employer Brands and distilled it all into two practical courses that guide you through the thinking and enable you to apply it practically.

It’s easy. It’s affordable. And it’s exactly what you need to get a foot on the Employer Branding ladder – competing with the big guys on your own terms!