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This is where your transformation into an Employer Branding Specialist begins. We are providers of online courses and consultancy that simplify and de-mystify Employer Brand and Employer Value Proposition creation. 

Whether you work in recruitment, HR or any other part of the business, our step-by-step, easily actionable online courses are all you need to grow your skillset and start building strong employer brands.

Our courses are different. With no exams to study for and everything you need, but nothing you don’t, they’re designed to build skills in the quickest possible time.

Easy to follow and jargon-free they include all the tools and templates you need to turn the theory into practice for businesses and budgets of all sizes.

But we’re more than just online course providers. Since all projects are unique our team are also on-hand to provide insight reports as well as consultancy and coaching support post-course if you prefer a little extra help.

We look forward to working with you!

David & Sara
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The easy, streamlined way to grow your expertise in a rapidly growing area

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Tell a compelling story and communicate more effectively to attract and retain better talent

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Reduce recruitment costs and minimise employer brand project delivery costs 

  Our Courses help you build your Employer Value proposition and brand


Our starter course explains what employer branding is, how it works and how to build a business case for investment


Our advanced course gives you all the knowledge, tools and templates you need to develop your employer brand

Employer Branding Made Easy - Employer Value Proposition seven step process
Employer Branding Made Easy - Employer Value Proposition project scoping
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Be Exceptional

Go from zero to hero in just 12 weeks

We’ve condensed our extensive experience and knowledge into courses that can help you to develop a strong Employer Value Proposition in just 12 weeks and get an exciting Employer Brand to market in 20 weeks.

You’ll gain the benefit of a wealth of expertise gained over decades, across hundreds of projects that have delivered results for businesses and teams of all sizes in practically every sector.

We’ve distilled this expertise into resources that will instruct and inspire you, making learning easy through quizzes, workbooks, videos and your own Employer Brand Scoping Blueprint™.

All are informed by David’s experience, including years spent as Head of Agency at one of the UK’s leading Employer Branding agencies.

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Choose your route to better engagement and an elevated Employer Brand

We make developing an Employer Brand as easy as 1, 2, 3,..


Choose Your Course

We offer two levels of entry depending on your current experience and knowledge: Engage begins with the basics and offers a solid foundation in Employer Branding theory and practice, while Elevate empowers you to begin building your Employer Brand straight away.


Grow Your Skills

Use our specially developed videos, quizzes and resources to build your Scoping Blueprint™, your confidence and your business case, helping you to secure funding and get your project approved.


Build Your Brand

The 7 steps to building an exceptional Employer Brand are already in place. Just watch the videos and follow our helpful guides, cheat sheets and templates to build your brand. You’ll continue to be part of our online community for help and support and you can take advantage of our Coaching and Consultancy services.

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